Cary Kochman’s Path to Mergers and Acquisitions

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Cary Kochman has become a well-known name in the global field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) thanks to his dedication to client work, fundamental analysis and critical thinking. As a student at the University of Illinois in Chicago, Mr. Kochman studied the complexities of accounting along with the intricacies of epistemology – the theory of knowledge.

Mr. Kochman would later graduate from the University of Chicago Law School and the Booth School of Business. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, a Juris Doctor and a Masters in Business Administration, Cary Kochman joined Credit Suisse First Boston in 1990.

Early M&A Experience

Under the leadership of Steven Koch, the current Deputy Mayor of Chicago, Mr. Kochman grew with Credit Suisse as it became a global brand and a leading underwriter. By 2001, Mr. Kochman had gained expertise in the industrial manufacturing sector and advised companies like Cooper
Industries, Deere, and Whitman Corp. in complex M&A transactions. He began to work for large mulit-national corporations increasingly across industries (like consumer and healthcare).

By 2004, Mr. Kochman was recruited by the UBS Investment Bank, where he worked closely with Ken Moelis and was appointed head of the Global M&A Department. Mr. Moelis got his start at the former Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette investment bank; he now heads his own boutique investment firm, Moelis and Company. While at UBS, Mr. Kochman focused on global cross-border transactions that transcend geographic boundaries. Under Mr. Kochman’s leadership, UBS shifted its attention from purely European deals to more lucrative M&A transactions involving American companies and rose rapidly in the league tables.

M&A Expertise Today

Cary Kochman is now in charge of Citigroup’s North American M&A Group. One of the transactions overseen by Mr. Kochman since 2011 for Citigroup was Eaton Corp.’s acquisition of Cooper Industries Plc.

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