Industry Experts Lecture on the Best M&A Strategies and Practices

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The Mergers and Acquisitions field can be exciting and lucrative for people with a firm grasp of the intricacies through which the industry operates. One way to broaden M&A knowledge is to enroll in a continuing education program tailored to executives, such as Merger Week. Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management organizes Merger Week for six days every fall and spring. Upon completion of all program requirements, Merger Week participants have the potential to bring greater strategic value to their individual places of employment.

Program Instructors and Mentors

The program is led by professors with extensive qualifications in management, finance and accounting and is supplemented by lecturers with significant M&A experience. For example, Cary Kochman, the head of Citigroup’s North American Mergers and Acquisitions Group, and a successful negotiator in over $300 billion worth of transactions, is one individual who often lends his expertise to the classroom at Merger Week.

Ideal Program Candidates

Merger Week provides a great opportunity for corporate development officers to acquire a solid M&A background and to apply what they have learned to their everyday work environment. Ideal candidates for this Northwestern program include high-level employees in fields involving corporate development, valuation and integration, finance, strategy and planning. The program content is applicable within the global marketplace, making this opportunity worthwhile for participants from all areas of the world.

Featured Topics

Through a combination of group and individual study, Merger Week attendees focus on strengthening their understanding of several key areas within the M&A industry. The program is centered on concepts that include:

  • Formulating and Executing Acquisition Strategies: Topics such as screening potential companies for acquisition, determining the benefits of acquiring a company, learning the basic elements of a profitable acquisition, and analyzing techniques used in successful acquisitions are covered in this portion of Merger Week. Course titles relating to this area of focus include Assessing Strategic Fit and Merger and Shareholder Value.
  • Analyzing Mergers and Acquisitions from a Financial Standpoint: Measuring the financial risks and benefits involved in a potential merger or acquisition, deciding on a bidding range, expanding expertise on valuation approaches, and forecasting cash flow are among the topics discussed in this part of the session. Participants engage in course discussions surrounding topics such as assessing risk in M&A transactions and acquisition strategy and financing decisions.
  • Structuring and Negotiating Deals. This topic area involves the discussion of forming strategic alliances, preparing to negotiate mergers and acquisitions, managing tax implications and legal situations, practicing effective due diligence, and evaluating factors that may impair a transaction. Financing Reporting and Tax Issues and The Role of Strategic Due Diligence in the Acquisition Process are examples of courses that deal with this realm of the M&A industry.

Senior executives and managers who wish to participate in the Merger Week program can download a brochure and application form from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University website. In addition to learning new strategies for success in mergers and acquisitions, those who complete the course week successfully will earn continuing professional education credits.